Public health education & disease prevention for Lake County chaired in Polson, Montana.

Family Planning

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Lake County Family Planning

8:00 am—12 pm and 1:00 pm—5:00 pm
802 Main Street
Polson, MT 59860
(406) 883-7288

NOTE: Please make prior arrangements for your kiddo(s) on your appointment day. Although we love kids, the clinic area is not a safe environment for children to be wandering during your appointment and we do not offer a childcare service.

Our Mission

To provide affordable, confidential, quality reproductive health services that respect, empower, and educate individuals, families, and communities


Our friendly, experienced staff includes a Family Planning Nurse, an Administrative Assistant, Nurse Practitioners and a Supervising Physician.


*Birth control consultations and prescriptions.What birth control method is right for you?

Emergency contraception (Plan B) is available for women on a sliding fee scale.  EC should be taken within 120 hours of unprotected sex, but the sooner you take it the greater the chance of preventing a pregnancy.

*STI/STD (Sexually Transmitted Infection/Disease) consultations, testing and treatment


*Women’s Health:

*Men’s Health:

  • physical exams
  • testicular exams
  • birth control
  • relationship issues
  • sexual concerns

Depression or other mental health concerns, are often treated in coordination with Western Montana Mental Health (WMMH) or private counselors.


Does it cost to visit the family planning center?
Service costs are a sliding fee scale based on household income. We accept Medicaid and personal insurance. Donations are encouraged and appreciated and are necessary in keeping our services available!

Do I need an appointment?
You are encouraged to make an appointment to save yourself time and frustration. When in doubt, call first. You can always talk to a nurse to find out if a visit is needed. Call ahead when requesting a  birth control refill.

Will my  visit be confidential?
There are strict privacy laws regarding medical care. Your care and records are confidential. We need your written permission to share this information with anyone including parents & family members, partners or health care providers  outside this Family Planning office.